Saturday, January 12, 2013

Strava Schmava!

So I did a big ride a couple weeks ago.  Strava calculates it as 28.9 miles (my odometer showed 30.5) and 4,952 feet of climbing. So, I decided to repeat that ride, but start at a higher elevation and ride further to ensure getting over 5000 ft. of climbing.  At the end of the ride my odometer showed over 32 miles, but Strava had me at 30.3.  Also, in spite of adding an extra climb, Strava gave me 4,788???  I know the GPS stuff loses a bit of distance on tight single-track, but to drop nearly 200ft of elevation after riding more elevation was kinda weird.  Wonder if Strava on a Garmin would be more accurate than my Android app, or if this is an issue regardless of app/device. FWIW weather was sunny the first ride, partly cloudy for the 2nd.  Still, I enjoy having some stats to compare my own rides...don't really care about 'cyber racing' anyone else.

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