Saturday, January 12, 2013

Juicing, Weight Loss and Mountain biking.

In order to track my weight-loss, or if you just happen to have a foot/sock fetish (you freak!), check out the visual evidence below.
When I got the idea to start juicing, I was probably 188-190lbs.  I recall being 187+ after Thanksgiving. Starting to get disgusted with myself, I stayed away from the scale after that (as to not get too depressed) and tried to be good between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The end result was 186.2 on December 27th, the day I started using the Juicer.

Just over a week of juicing, and I dropped 9lbs.  I knew from experience the first 7 or so would come off easy...I also know that they will tend to come off a bit slower at this point.

 Two weeks of juicing and I am down nearly 11lbs!

My weight this morning (Jan. 12)...the day after a big ride, and then a big meal (Portabella Mushroom Sandwich and large salad w/goat-cheese vinaigrette)...feeling pretty damn good!

 Just for fun, my weight after a tough 30+ mile ride with ~5,000 ft of climbing after juicing in the a.m. then surviving the ride on a bottle of Infinite and a bottle of lemon water. The pic above is more indicative of my true weight the day after actually eating something.

Loosing fat/weight is becoming addictive.  Thanks to life getting in the way, I had not been able to ride for over a week, so I actually have hit the trainer and even worked out to an old Tae-bo video just to keep the ball rolling.  Not planning on stopping until I get to the low 160's, and hopefully by that time I will have established some new habits to make keeping the weight off (eating/exercising) part of my normal lifestyle routine...and naturally, I hope a byproduct of this is that I become a mountain-biking, hill-climbing BEAST! :-)
Stay tuned.


  1. Nice job!
    Glad this juice thing is going so well for ya.
    As an aside, good grief you have a lot of fancy socks for a guy ;-)
    I also see you updated your 2013 race agenda.
    I bet you will smoke PMBAR when you come back here after riding all that CA elevation....

  2. Ha, you have a sock fetish! Admit it! O.k., I love me some good socks and for the TMI file, I wear them constantly, kinda a public service so all are spared the ghastly sight of my feet. :)
    As far as PMBAR, it is never too tough...the key is to pick a partner that is good enough to finish, but not so good that he pushes the pace. My partner the last 3 years (Jay) has fit that bill perfectly...always giving me plenty of time to rest. ;) But I do hope you are right, 20+lbs lighter and tough elevation on every ride should have me ready...let's just hope to avoid those pesky injuries and mechanicals (fingers crossed).

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