Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tough Auburn Trails Ride--Take That Strava!

So, as I mentioned earlier, Strava has screwed me. I did a tough ride that ended up with over 4900'. Thought, wow, that close to 5000', next ride I will climb more to get over the hump.  So the next ride I added an extra 3 miles (1.5 of climbing) to guarantee me the extra elevation needed, and what does Strava say? ~4700'!?!  Now I am pissed but motivated.  I will see 5000+ feet of climbing on my stupid Android Strava App as sure as I am a S.O.B single-speeder!!!


42+ Miles and ~6600' of climbing...funny, I thought I might be closer to 5500'... but there was a lot more elevation gain on the Quarry trail than I had thought...or maybe the app felt bad for shorting me last time, so it overcompensated on this one. Either way, I'll take it!

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