Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OUCH, That's Gonna Leave a Mark!

Wait until just before lunch to view.

Here is the culprit. It tore me up!
So I have heard this saying that life sometimes gets in the way.  Well, when it came to riding, that was rarely the case when living in NC, but living in CA has been a different story.  With us being gone for seven years, it seems like every other weekend we are visiting friends and family, or they are visiting us.  Add to the mix a house that needs a lot of work and BAM! Life just got in my way, and my riding time has suffered.  So, the last thing I needed was an injury to take away further ride time.  Welcome Murphys Law.  So while I am building a deck, I accidentally put a 7/8 inch wood boring drill bit through the soft part of my hand (between the thumb and index finger. While I do not recommend doing this, if you are hard pressed to put a hole in your hand, apparently that is the spot to aim for.  Luckily I only nicked the bone in my thumb and did not sever any tendons or ligaments (always confuse the two). When it first happened, it was gory.  I could see the bubbles from the fat layer and I could see deep into my hand as the skin was ripped away from the tissue underneath.  The photo was taken in the doctors office after the bleeding had stopped and I had been given some numbing shots.  I tried taking a picture in the car as I was driving myself to the doctors, but strangely it did not come out well.  So to make a long story short (I know, too late) I messed up my hand, got 13 stitches (a tetanus shot), and was knocked out of riding for three weeks (though I did do an easy road ride with the stitches, just don't tell my doc.).