Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your Not Hard Unless Your Rigid!

So, I guess I am no longer hard.  Does that mean I am now flacid?  Regardless, after two months, I have removed the rigid fork and reinstalled the Rock Shox Reba.  I liked the rigid fork.  The bike was so light and nimble, and it took no effort to get the front tire up over obstacles (I put a almost 600 miles on it); but I strained my right bicep tendon last winter and hey, I am in my 40's, so what am I trying to prove?  Really, I just wanted to see how I would like it, and it was fine.  For long rides, I do not feel like it inhibited me, though I would need to go slower on fast, bumpy downhills.  I definitely was not going to go rigid for the Burn24 or PMBAR, so it just made sense to make the change (a week before Warrior Creek 6 hour race).

You will be missed, my fragile friend.