Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Like Gnarvester Christmas!

Thanks to the magic of 'tracking', I knew my frame was going to arrive on Tuesday. Still, when I got home I was like Ralphie rushing to check the mail for my decoder ring. I drug my box out to the deck and (carefully) tore it open, and this is what I found:

Now if only those rims would arrive (due late next week), I will get this beast built and start shredding the gnar with my Gnarvester!

Here are some tags in case someone is looking for this type of bike on-line:
Carver Gnarvester Titanium 29er+ fat bike almost-a-fatbike 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From 26 to 29 to 29+

O.k. so having two single-speeds might make sense to other single-speed specific riders out there, but to most it's just crazy talk. I find living here in NorCal, some trails really are better off ridden with gears (especially in the sandy crushed granite of Tahoe).
I can't afford a new bike outright so...
  • Do I get rid of the SIR9 or the One9?
  • IF I get rid of the SIR9, because the One9 is a SS only frame, the new bike will have gears.
  • IF I get rid of the One9, the SIR 9 could be geared and the new bike a SS.

Why keep the One9? It is much lighter than the SIR at ~18.8lbs. The bike has seen the podium in a number of races, most recent being a 3rd place finish at the Coolest 24hr.

Why keep the SIR9? It can be run either SS or geared. The steel frame and fork provide a noticeably more comfortable ride over the One9. I can get more money for the One 9 (especially the I-9 wheel set).

Decision? Good-bye One9. You have served me well, and I will never forget you, but don't fret, most of your parts will get good use on my new frame.

The 29+ Titanium Carver Gnarvester. Gonna build up a light-weight, big tired, rollin' machine!Yeah Baby!!!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting Back Into It

News Flash:
  • When you are in your 40's it is easier to gain weight and harder to loose it.
  • When you are in your 40's, taking several weeks off of riding causes you to loose strength, endurance and speed. It takes maybe twice as long to get it back. Add a 15lb weight gain and it makes it that much harder.
  • Duh!
Finally, starting to drop some weight and finally starting to feel stronger on the bike. About time as I am way behind last years pace with some big events coming up quick.

Been riding Hidden Falls and Auburn, and though missing some time while sick, I have finally started getting on the trainer once a week and that in itself makes a huge difference (physically and mentally).
Starting to feel really motivated again...maybe all I need to push myself over the top is a new bike???

 One of my favorite places to ride, Hidden Falls. Over 20 miles of looping single-track with rolling elevation only ~10 kilometers from home. The longest sustained climb is the steady one mile switchback climb up to the parking lot. Other than that, there are several decent climbs but none more than a kilometer and only a couple that make your heart and lungs hate you  (Deer Trail and Turtle Pond).