Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From 26 to 29 to 29+

O.k. so having two single-speeds might make sense to other single-speed specific riders out there, but to most it's just crazy talk. I find living here in NorCal, some trails really are better off ridden with gears (especially in the sandy crushed granite of Tahoe).
I can't afford a new bike outright so...
  • Do I get rid of the SIR9 or the One9?
  • IF I get rid of the SIR9, because the One9 is a SS only frame, the new bike will have gears.
  • IF I get rid of the One9, the SIR 9 could be geared and the new bike a SS.

Why keep the One9? It is much lighter than the SIR at ~18.8lbs. The bike has seen the podium in a number of races, most recent being a 3rd place finish at the Coolest 24hr.

Why keep the SIR9? It can be run either SS or geared. The steel frame and fork provide a noticeably more comfortable ride over the One9. I can get more money for the One 9 (especially the I-9 wheel set).

Decision? Good-bye One9. You have served me well, and I will never forget you, but don't fret, most of your parts will get good use on my new frame.

The 29+ Titanium Carver Gnarvester. Gonna build up a light-weight, big tired, rollin' machine!Yeah Baby!!!

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