Thursday, January 31, 2013

2012 Riding Stats -- Disappointing


  1. (of a person) Sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one's hopes or expectations.
  2. (of hopes or expectations) Prevented from being realized.
  3. S.O.B.'s' riding stats for the year 2012
Synonyms: Frustrated

Dang, I got so caught up in loosing weight and hittin' tough rides that I completely forgot to update stats for 2012. All in all I had a pretty disappointing year in terms of riding and mileage. I totaled 1592 miles on the Single Speed (98% on the Niner One9) and 818 on the road (nearly evenly split between the SS roadie and the new geared Ti Cross) for a grand total of ~2400 miles. For reference, in 2011 I rode a total of 4097 miles, with nearly 3k of that on the mtb. But, selling a house, moving across country and being a stay at home dad put a dent in things this year. Also, I had no fancy gps or smart phone until recently, so no elevation stats, but I can tell you that I have already ridden more elevation in the last month ~30k than I did in any 3 months in NC.
The highs for 2012- Definitely placing 2nd in the Burn 24 as a duo with Jeff D, finishing another PMBAR with Jay L & the Farwell Ride.
The low for 2012...hmmm, could be the January mtb marathon, could be the Race at the Reactor (Harris Lake) where I placed 5th in SS but would have been 2nd in 40+...but that is all good. The real low was saying good-bye to the people I first started riding with and then leaving the place where it all started as we left NC for the Sierra Foothills in CA. At least I went from one mtb hot-bed to another.  Now (lifting a Coor's Lite) here's to a solid year of riding in 2013.


  1. Some years will be too big, some will be too small, some will be just right. Goldilocks....

  2. Hey, do you know how many miles you put in last year with all that Tour Divide training? It had to be crazy mileage! Yeah, life get's in the way of riding sometime, but it's all good. It comes back eventually, it just takes longer as I get older. ;)