Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Niner Time!

No, not the S.F. 49ers (the city of my birth) but Niner bikes.  After switching to 29er several months ago, I have ridden or owned several frames.  Some I liked (Misfit, Soul Cycle...) and some I did not (Trek, Salsa...) for various reasons, usually a combination of fit, feel and placebo (knowing a frame is a Tank made me less fond of it, even if it rode o.k.).  So, with everything I have taken in, I have decided that what I, what I need is a Niner One 9 and a Niner Sir 9.  The One 9 will be my racing bike.  It will be light with the Crossmax wheelset and Ikon tires.  The Sir 9 will be built as a 1x9 for the wife.  It will be a respectable weight, with nearly identical parts to the One 9, but with Stans Arch w/Hopes combo and likely Slant Six tires or Racing Ralph's.  I will occasionally ride it as a SS.  Now, all I need is to find a couple of good deals on these frames.
One 9, Ultra light and Fast!

SIR 9, Smooth and still Fast.

***NOTICE: I will offer a finders fee of the 6 pack of your choice for any person who finds me a deal that leads to the purchase of my new frame(s).  So, stop sitting there reading this...go and find me a frame!!!

EDIT: Many tips came in through trianglemtb.  Ben and Kip ultimately provided the winning tips leading me to the frame(s). Thanks everyone!

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