Monday, January 16, 2012

Confessions of a Serial Mountain Biker

A recent thread on TMTB has inspired me to come clean and confess to some little known (and often, things you don’t want to know) truths in my mountain biking past.
_ _ it happens.
  • Once dropped a deuce on my favorite numbered trail…hey when you gotta go, you gotta go.

  • My first time riding Uwharrie, dropped a deuce  in 30 degree weather.  Some walkers passing by politely pretended they did not see me as I squatted against a tree.

  • Dropped a deuce (#3 really) on Black Mountain…then again, who hasn’t?  It was my first time there (PMBAR preride) but sadly, I had it coming out of both ends.  Not a good day.
I know what some of you are thinking, maybe I should just list the trails that have not been fertilized with my waste product, but rejoice, only the three above mentioned trails have been blessed.  On a side note, I guess when people say I am full of sh!#, they are indeed correct.

On with the list.
  • Yes, I work Umstead into my riding plan for two reasons, one, it is a great workout.  Two, eye candy galore!  Confessing here, not apologizing.

  • I don’t like riding “Rocky” trails.  Why?  I don’t like getting hurt.  When confessing this to a fellow rider recently, they inquired, “So, you get hurt every time you ride that trail?”  I answered, “No, just every other time...” I just don’t like those odds.

  • I would really like to be one of the top 40+ guys in the area.  Unfortunately, my desire for ribs, beer, salty snacks, ice-cream  (you get the picture) out-weighs (literally and figuratively) my desire to do what it takes to step up to the next level. L   

  • I like riding my road bike.  I do not like riding the roads of North Carolina; however in California, where the shoulders are wide and the bike lanes are plenty, I will be on the road again.
More confessions coming as I recall them.


  1. TMI man...T....M.....I.....
    Ribs, Beer and Cheezy Poof confessions I can handle. But deuce confessions....I thought riding on shared horse trails was dodgy.....

    Now I have two reasons to try to finish ahead of you at the Bushwack Challenge. ;-)

  2. Ha...for your sake, I hope you do finish ahead of me, as you just never know what I might have had for dinner (or breakfast). ;)