Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HTFU Uwharrie Style

Spent a nice Saturday with some fellow riders hitting the new and improved Uwharrie Wood Run trails.  The first and only time I had visited Uwharrie was almost exactly one year ago...went with a couple of guys for a group ride on a cold (high 20's low 30's) January day.  I remember riding double track up to the top of Keyauwee and then some single track and double track on the way down.  Unfortunately the guys I drove with, while both good guys, were ill prepared for the cold temps.  After one 7 mile loop they were done. :(  So, a four hour round trip for 7 miles of riding led to me feeling not that impressed after a negative experience.
That has all changed.
The new and improved Keyauwee is now worth the trip.  With Rich A. navigating, we hit the new connector trail up to Keyauwee and then headed up the trai (cw).  Nice switchback and groomed turns made for nice climbing.  At the top we headed into Supertree and then down White Tail and back up Supertree (ccw).  Then back down Keyauwee (ccw) the opposite direction (did kinda a figure 8) before meeting up with a larger TORC group...then up the double track and back down Keyauwee (ccw) a 2nd time.  Nice to have Bobby set a blistering pace on that last run...caused me to work harder than I would have by myself and we ended up losing everyone in spite of stopping twice.  Ended up with ~34 miles at ~9.5mph running 32x20 on the Misfit Dissent.
Really looking forward to going back soon.

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