Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pulp Non-Fiction

Hand Update:
Tried riding without the brace 2-4 weeks before the brace is cleared to come off.  Mistake.  Hand hurt (in-spite of wearing two gloves) and I ended up riding as if I had the brace, with no pressure on the right side of my right hand.   So, maybe I should wear the brace next week.  Maybe not.  After all I am a guy and we are not always known for doing what is best for our bodies.  To steal a phrase from the late, great Al Davis, "Just Ride Baby!"...or something like that.

29er AND Tubeless!
First time w/tubeless. Beginners Luck?
I am AMAZING (someone had to say it)!  I just installed Maxxis Ikon tires on my Mavic C29SSMAX rims.  First time mounting tires tubeless (used Stans).  I watched a couple of YouTube videos, made a call to a buddy for moral support (thanks Andy), a little soap, set the bead, then pop-pop-pop, up they filled.  I let them sit overnight before putting in the Stans.  When I did add the Stans (through the valve) there was no leaking, seeping or weeping.  Damn I'm good! Or I did something horribly wrong, but hey, right now I am reveling in the moment!

Where Is My Frame???
I have been waiting on the new Soul Cycles Dillinger frame for a while (looks like it could be Nov/Dec).  Started getting impatient so I bid on, and won, a used Misfit DiSSent frame on ebay.  It was supposed to arrive in 3-7 days, that was 8 days ago.  It is now suppose to arrive on Thursday (10 days later).  There goes that guy's 5 star ebay rating.  Nope, not a star over 3 (maybe 4) for you sucka!  That'll learn ya' to delay my frame!

18hr Scouts Honor:
I have ridden so sparingly since Shenandoah, I think I am kidding myself with this 18 hr ride.  In the last month, I have ridden Umstead three times for a total of  85 miles...in a month!  The race is in three weeks, so I plan on starting my training this weekend, and next weekend.  Yep, that should be plenty.

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