Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New 29er! My Misfit DiSSent Build

Mmm, naked....aluminum that is.
After finding out that my Soul Cycles Dillinger frame is delayed until Nov/Dec., and with all these 29er parts sitting around my garage collecting dust, I decided to take matters into my own hands (wallet) and picked up a used Misfit DiSSent on ebay.  The frame came in on Friday afternoon and I built it up Friday evening after work.  Nice!  The first ride was great.  I set it up for a relaxed geometry with the steer-tube ~1/2 higher than usual.  The bike performed flawlessly around Umstead and Crabtree (where everyone is a hero).  So far I am very pleased and now look forward to riding this bike in the Scouts Honor 18 Hour Race.  This weekend was my first single-track ride since breaking my hand (healing nicely, thank you), and I now feel comfortable that I may be able to survive the race as I have two more weeks to heal up.  My strategy going into this 18 hour race with little training?  Rest lots!

~2 hours of sanding and polishing...voila'!
On a side note, I did a quick inspection of all the welds on the frame looking for cracks, I found none.  The day after my first ride (Sun.) I am cleaning off the frame and found what looked to be stress fractures on the top-tube.  I was stressed.  I contacted the ebay vendor and said I was returning the frame and then contacted Matt at "Dillon Bikes" to get the headset removed.  Later that day Andy inspected the bike and thought that they were likely not cracks and I should not worry about it.  So, if anything happens to me, Andy is assuming all responsibility.  Good to know I have that to fall back on should I fall forward on a broken Aluminum Frame.  Thanks Andy.

All pretty and ready to ride, totally worth it.
My next quick project?  Polishing up this frame to a shiny finish. Me likes shiny things!

EDIT 10/19: could not ride tonight, so I put in some elbow grease polishing up the frame with 800, 1000, and 1500 grit wet sandpaper and then Mothers Aluminum Polish.  Could be better, but my elbows ran out of grease.  Still, me likey!


  1. Great looking bike. I have the dull version:)

  2. bike looks great! after all this time, how you liking the dissent? got one myself this year and love it! also polished, but not to your level. yet ;)

  3. Thanks, I liked the dissent a lot, but decided to go with a Niner One 9 (weight weenie) and Sir 9 (love the smooth feel of steel, and the same weight as the dissent)...the geometry seems to fit me perfectly. The dissent is now owned by a good guy who goes by Trumpus. The pics will be available at the following link for another several weeks.
    I know several people who have this frame and love it.