Monday, September 19, 2011

Recovering From Injury

If you have been riding for a while, chances are you have been injured.  And of course you know, being injured sucks.  After breaking my hand at the Shenandoah 100, it took me eleven days to get back on the bike.  I might have tried sooner, but it was not happening with the temporary cast.  Once the removable brace came in, I was on the bike.  Good thing as I think I gained 4-5 lbs in the time I did not ride.  I hate to admit it, but I even took up...(pause for effect)...running.  Well, I would not call it running, more like walking fast enough to pass for a jog, though I am sure a fast walker would have smoked me.  So there is my newly acquired P90X collecting dust, can't do pushups, can't do pull ups, can't do curls...sure I don't really do those anyway, but now that I know I can't, I want to start!  Plus there are some other really important things I like to do with my right hand that I must now try to do with my left...just not the same. :(

In a lame cast for a couple weeks!
Finally a removable even looks cool!

I am supposed to wear this darn brace for 6-8 weeks (off just in time for the Scouts Honor 18 Hour), so until then, I see more jogging in my future, and more riding, just not single-track and just not single-speeds.  I am stuck riding my geared roadie to work and will also ride my geared FS bike on double track to try to keep the fitness up.  It is not easy as the darn brace is always in the way and puts all the pressure on the lower palm portion below my thumb, but a sore thumb and riding is better than no riding.  Like a famous person once said, "It is better to have ridden and wrecked, than to never have ridden at all."  --o.k., I said that, but it is true!
Hopefully in 6-8 weeks I will be healed up and good as new so I can start tearing up the single track on the new 29er I am building (with one hand).
More on that later. :)

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