Sunday, May 1, 2011


Holy Smokes.  I just added up my riding mileage and realized I have been putting in more miles than I though (for a guy who only rides his mtb twice a week).
Here are the stats:
January: SSmtb=211, SSrd=119 Total=330
February: SSmtb=302, SSrd=121 Total=423
March: SSmtb=331, SSrd=127, Grd (gears)=15 Total=473
April: SSmtb=327, SSrd=117, Total=444
Cummulative Totals: SSmtb= 1,171, SSrd=484 Total=1655
Yikes, that puts me on pace for over 6k miles.  I would like to ask how I continue to stay fat with all this riding, but the nachos, rack of ribs and multiple beverages I consumed yesterday may have an answer.
One would also think I would be a kick-a$$ rider.  I should be keeping up with Dickey, Kelly and Jeff (Mr. Podium at Warrior Creek), but hey, I like to do my thing, so I am not out doing intervals, worrying about power wattage and hear rate stuff.  I just try to ride lots.  With PMBAR in a week, then the Burn24 a few weeks later, this could be a big month.
I will definitely slow it down over the summer as I will not be commuting to work, I will be in California for a month, and though I will ride more frequently on the SSmtb, my rides will be shorter in duration.
I am also proud to report that over the last few months, in an attempt to get a stronger upper body and core, I have begun the habit of doing a push-up/sit-up routine ~every two days.  Would like to do this every day, or at least every other day, but my joints (and lack of muscle) just can't take it.  I have begun working in curls (for the girls) but my strained bicep, while healing, keeps me from doing them too often.  Sadly, I do not look that strong, and as strong as I do look, I am not even that strong; so hopefully this is the start of (in Austrian accent) getting pumped up!

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