Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 North Cackalacki Caddywompus Single Speed Rally

Yes!  That time of year when single speeders (over 21 of course) from around the county (and state) come together to enjoy some fellowship, Single-Speed Mtb style. The days events started with meeting near an Ale house (important for post ride grub), getting our 6 pack entry fee ready, then riding along a highway to get to the trail.  Yeah, a bunch of single-speeders spinning along a highway, dressed like we were going to a frat party...we turned our share of heads.  Interestingly, when we arrived near the trail, rather than riding down to the trail head and riding to the gathering spot, we followed our fearless leader (let's call him Banjo) into the woods as he decided to braid/bushwhack a path through the woods, over vines and sticks, and dodging fallen brush and dead trees until we eventually came to part of the actual trail that got us close to where we were going, just so we could bushwhack again.  There at the gathering spot was a strategic hole in the ground with bags of ice awaiting the 6 pack offering that we were all carrying (This was prepped ahead of time by another one of the leaders/organizers...let's call him Karate Monkey).  For the record, I only brought 5 beverages, but 4 were Guinness 14.9 ouncers (the other was an Amstel Light...maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that).  Anyway, there was plenty of PBR thanks to the organizers, but I stuck to the Guinness and the Chubs (darn good beverages).  At this point, I could go on, but I think it is best if I just say that everyone left the woods safely and we had one heck of a good time. To many details would just ruin the mystique of the event...some pictures, however, would add to that mystique, so here they are (I only wish I had taken more).


Getting ready...this should be the first pic.

Scary man exiting the woods.

Uh-oh, I think he spotted me!

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