Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do I Need a Heart Monitor?

I bought one, but after a couple of uses I decided to sell it on tmtb.  Another rider (for the sake of anonymity, let's call him Carter) tried to talk me out of selling the monitor.  His post is below:
You really ought to think about keeping that.  As much as you train, I think you'd find that it would help-a lot!  When I was halfway serious about riding, I used one to keep from riding too hard all the time.  It was astonishing how much better I rode when I wasn't overtrained."

Here is my response: 
Ha, I am glad some people think I actually train hard, but honestly I don't train as much as you think.  In fact, I don't train at all really; I just ride once mid-week and once on the weekend.  I guess I don't care much about my heart rate zones, power usage, intervals, diet or whatever really good riders do to improve performance.   I suppose that if I started with my diet and got my weight down, then started seeing improvements in strength and endurance, I might think, “Hey, what else can I do to get better?”  But how much better can I really get given my schedule?  Maybe I go from top 15 in a race like Warrior Creek (>40 or SS) to top 10?  I think I will probably take the top 15 (or 20) and still be able to drink New Castle, Oatmeal Porters and other fine Brown Ales.   I also must accept that I am not really a gadget/data guy (though I wish I had the patience for it).  Plus, no one can accuse me of riding too hard all the time, just ask any of the guys I have ridden with and they will surely agree that I do alright for an old, short, fat, bald single-speeder, but working 'hard enough' is more like it, definitely not too hard. 
I will say that I do have a plan to get rid of my gut, though I am currently experiencing a set back thanks to two days in a row of “Eat All You Can” (or All You Can Eat…same thing) Restaurants last week, plus an end of the week work gathering that basically involves sitting around drinking, eating and complaining.  Think of it as an 'eat, drink and complain all you can' event.
Somehow, I think I have digressed... and now, for some reason, I am suddenly hungry…what were we talking about again?

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