Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeling Fatigue--Need More Rest?

Notice the small slobber spot? Rest is good. 

So the last month or so I have not felt that great.  It started a week before Warrior Creek and has lasted up to this very day.  My energy seems high, but my strength seems low.  I just do not have that extra pep in my legs that usually exists after a's as if I'm not recovering well from the exertion.  It seems my muscles just do not want to do the work that they once did.  Is it over-training?  I doubt this as I only ride my Single Speed mtb twice a week (though I do ride my Single Speed road bike twice a week also).  I do average ~420 miles a month, total so I think I will take it a bit easier over the next two weeks.  Could it be (as a friend suggested) parvovirus B-19 (fifths disease)?  I suppose that is possible as there was an outbreak at school, but for this long? Could it be the 6 hours sleep I get a night (yawwwn)?  Regardless, I am going to keep on riding.  Really, felt like crap this last weekend when I struggled through the end of a 286-Rocky Road-286 ride.  Normally a 30 mile single track ride like this would not be a problem, but my legs were struggling and I started cramping toward the end of the ride (and that usually doesn't happen until 40+miles).

Today I rode an easy 40 through Umstead and felt o.k..  With PMBAR and the Burn24 coming up, I NEED MORE POWER!!!  Hopefully all will be well soon.  Ready or not, here I ride!

Note: On the plus side, my sore bicep tendon (that has plagued me for the last several months) has not been aggravated in some time and seems to be on the mend.  Though it still lets me know it is there, I am able to ride and even clear logs (and the 286 rock) again without pain (yeah!).

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