Friday, May 20, 2011

Pink Eye, Just Great!

So, my youngest daughter gets pink eye, my older daughter then gets it, and well you know how it works, Sh%# rolls up hill and I end up sick as dog (though I rarely see a sick dog...but I am moping around with a wet nose and drooling a bit, kinda like an aging Basset Hound).  If you have never had pink eye, it is a wierd sensation waking up and not being able to open your eyes because they are glued shut with eye boogers that must be wiped and/or crumbled apart in order to see.  Good Stuff.  Well, hopefully the ribs I have consumed will make up for my lack of training.

Me, a week before my first solo 24.
 I will be riding my first ever solo 24 hr race this weekend (5/26-27) at the Burn 24.  Honestly, I felt over prepared for this event, and that just would not be fair to my fellow competitors.  For this reason, I decided to get injured during PMBAR to justify taking a week off the bike (to help level the playing field).  After one ride I still felt too strong, so I decided to contract pink-eye and a nasty throat virus to keep me off the bike for another week. will try a ride tonight, but because I don't want to embarrass anyone out there, I will follow it up with a rack of ribs and some beer.
Over the three weeks leading up to this ride, I will have had more racks of ribs than rides.  Now that is how you train for the Burn.  Cool
Oh yeah, The blog name has changed from Old, Short, Fat Bald Single-Speeder, as it has been pointed out that I am no longer considered "fat".  Thought about going with "Phat", but I am not hip enough to pull it off.  Now this does allow me to go with a cool Acronym (I just love C.A' Acronyms), but I could not decide between B.O.S.S. (Bald, Old, Short, Single-speeder) or S.O.B. (Short, Old, Bald).  Fortunately, after a short poll of my inner circle, it was made clear that I am more of an S.O.B than a BOSS, so there ya go. More changes to come to keep things fresh...or is it now "phresh"??? 

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