Monday, May 2, 2011

Pisgah PMBAR Map

So, in an effort to not get lost for this upcoming PMBAR, I have taken the large Pisgah map and attempted to recreate it on a standard sheet of paper to carry with me.  Naturally the trails are not to scale, and I still will not know which trails are better in which direction, but I wasn't going to know that anyway (other than for a few trails).  I am still researching trails and hope to add notes on the backside of the map.  I know just creating this map (twice, messed up once), was a help in learning the large network of trails.  Of course now I learn there is a new map with better/more information, but what can you do?  Hopefully this map will be the key to a successful race...or at least the key to not spending the night in the woods.   Well, if anything, it will shave some grams off the original map. :)  And yes, I changed my font...whatchagonnadoaboutit?

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