Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Excuses For Not Riding

I have not ridden my mountain bike (other than a few 8-13 mile rides with my kids) in nearly 6 weeks. How does this happen. I use to be hard-core. Now I am soft-core (literally and figuratively).
Summer arrives, I knock out a big ride at Hole in the Ground (near Tahoe, for those not in the know) and then...nothing. So here are my excuses:
1. It is Summer and I am on daddy day care duty every day.
2. I had several house projects, including replacing my entire plumbing system from street to every source in the house (and adding plumbing for a new outdoor shower, utility sink in the garage and a future 1/2 bath in the basement).
3. Injury. When using the trencher, I overworked my arms and literally had trouble sleeping and using my arms for nearly two weeks.
4. It was/is bloody hot, even in the evening (going soft, I know).
5. Lack of motivation. I need a goal.  I have always had races or events to prepare for. Last year I was training for PMBAR and the Coolest 24. I did what needed to be done to be prepared, including riding the trainer when I could not be out on the bike. With no race/event planned, motivation has waned. I NEED to sign up for an event!

Me shortly if I don't start riding soon (not that far off now).
There you have it. This all changes this week as I get back on the bike and see how much I have actually lost. Also, Teaching starts soon and I plan on riding my bike 2-3 days a week. I should loose weight and get in shape just in time for the holidays...where I will predictably over eat and gain weight.
And the cycle continues. ;)


  1. Don't worry about the past; Goals are key because they make it easy to see how riding or even better actual "training" fits into a bigger picture. Are you going to ride PMBAR 2015?

  2. Thanks Mark. Things are already picking up. I have dropped several pounds already and over the last few weeks have begun getting my SS climbing legs back. PMBAR might be tough to make this year as I am at a new school, and that is smack dap in the middle of the 'testing schedule', however I have never done ORAMM and was considering putting that on the calendar, but I will have to see what my wife's schedule holds. Either way, I am coming out this summer, even if it is for a TORC 6 hour event. :)