Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gnarvester: Two Month Ride Report

O.k., now I have ridden this beast on the following trails: Hidden Falls, Auburn (everything including Ruck-a-Chucky), Granite Bay, Fleming Meadows/Sly Park, El Dorado Hills trails, Nevada City (Scott's Flat, Pioneer, Round Mountain and more); also short (<15 miles) in Chico and Mendocino. This bike rocks! I think it is the Ultimate Single Speed (for me) as it rolls fast, is uber comfortable, and climbs much better than one would think (given the heavy tires). Going to Hole in the Ground soon and will report on that ride after the fact.

Also, a big shout-out to Carver bikes. I was having major squeaking issues with my Thomson Masterpiece post. He acknowledged that the seat tube on some of the bikes was enlarged and sent me a matching Ti post...for free! Nice! I was such a happy customer I have since purchased two more Ti bars (for my wife's bike, aka the back up bike, and one for my road bike conversion...more on that later) as well as purchasing some other small items. Service like that will keep me coming back to check before anyone else.

As mentioned earlier, the next big ride will be Hole in the Ground out near Donner/Truckee. While I have ridden some technical trails, this will be the biggest test yet. My number one fear (other than major injury) is that I will somehow crash and destroy the carbon fork or rims...barring that kind of disaster, this ride should be fantastic!

Cruising along Round Mountain

Chillin' along the trail (waiting for others) ;)

Hallelujah! Nevada City = Fun!

This park ranger cutie was so impressed with the Gnarvester AND it's rider that she insisted on a pic.
  Darn Ping had to photo-bomb us! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. Looking good there James. Cali looks like it's treating you well. Happy to hear you found a bike and company who understands that customer service gets you back ten-fold.

  2. By the way that comment was from me... Laura. Signed on incorrectly. And if you happen to be visiting NC in November, TORC is actually hosting their first 100 mile "gravel grinder" at Umstead. Should be fun!

    1. Ha, I was wondering who the heck 'MTL' was. Figured it had to be someone I knew, but who??? Wow, 100 miles at Umstead. I know the TORC race director from about five years ago (goes by phatdaddy on tmtb) tried to get this done but lacked is nice to see it is now going to happen. Hmmm, might just have to take some time off in November...but that would mean I need to get into 100 mile shape, and with starting yet another job, I doubt that will happen.
      But you never know!
      Good to hear from you. Now go post something you slacker!!!