Saturday, April 12, 2014

Carver Gnarvester: One Bike To Rule Them All!

My new Carver Gnarvester just may be that bike. I first got the idea for this bike from cool guy in NC, Jason from Back Alley Bikes. He had this blog post about making the brand new (at the time) Krampus Knard tires tubeless. I thought to myself, "Self, that Krampus seems like a cool ride. And if it is as cool as people make it out to be, soon more frames will come, lighter frames, and when they do, build one up tubeless for a light weight gnar shredding machine!". Yeah, pretty sure the thoughts in my head were just like that.
Let's admit it. Surly builds frames out of lead. Their standard Surly Krampus is between 28 and 30 pounds (SS or geared depending). I knew that with a lighter frame, tubeless wheels and select parts, I could have a 29+ closer to 23 pounds, which was about the weight of my first few single-speeds (both 26 and 29").
Enter the Carver Gnarvester frame. When I first read about it on mtbr, I knew this was the one I had been waiting for. I though I would buy a piece at a time. One here, one there, until it was ready to be built...maybe in the Fall. Then I remembered that my name is James Haskins and I have no patience for such things. I quickly stripped down my One9, sold off the frame, wheelset and select parts, and then began purchasing parts.
The key was finding these DT Swiss hubs used. Next came the frame, rims and cranks. Most of the other parts I already had for one of my other two bikes (the aforementioned One9 or my SIR9 wich is now a 1x9).
So here is the parts list for my amazing 21.8 lb Carver Gnarvester:

Frame: Ti Carver Gnarvester (17")
Fork: Carver XC470
Cranks: Race Race Next SL 1x
Chainring: RF NW 30t
Cog: Endless Kick-ass cog 20t
Cockpit: Thomson Masterpiece/X4
Brakes: XT
Rotors: Alligator serrated
Bar: Carver Ti 730mm
Ends: Ritchey WCS
Hubs: DTS 240's (R 142x12, Fr QR)
Rims: Light-Bicycle Hookless carbon 35mm DH
Spokes: DTS Aerolites (alloy nips)
Tires: Surly Knards 120tpi
Chain: SRAM 850
Ritchey pro saddle
pedals: Wellgo something or others
Grips: black/grey ESI Chunky
Cage: King

Took this baby for a short test ride and 'Holy Smokes'! It is something else. The real test ride comes tomorrow. So stay tuned as the next post will be the 1st ride impression. Can't wait!


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