Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...Just Not In That Order

Everyone wants 'The Bad' first: Getting injured AND getting employed has put a cramp in my conditioning. I was in the mid 160's for the Coolest 24hr Race. Just four months later I have gained back all the weight I had lost and find myself back to being in the mid-180's.

'The Ugly' reared it's head on a training ride as I try to get back into shape after being off the bike for several weeks nursing my knee injury. On a short, slow, easy ride at Hidden Falls, with a bunch of weekend warriors I hit bottom. I did not feel great in the morning (GI issues) but was excited about getting back on the bike so off I went. The ride was going o.k. but I started feeling hot and fatigued though it was not really hot and I had only ridden maybe 9 miles. We came to the toughest climb in the park (Deer Trail), a steep gravel/dirt road that goes up maybe .6 miles or so. I have two of the fastest times on this section including a surprising strava KOM. There would be no trophies today however. I began plotting up the hill, slowly. I was suffering. less than 3/4 the way up I had to dismount and start to walk. I just did not have anything. After a minute or so I sat down and tried to drink but instead ended up projectile vomiting whatever was in my stomach (mostly gatorade). So, I was not processing any liquids. Great.
Ultimately I ended up cutting the ride short, but on the last climb up to the parking lot (another former KOM, now 2nd out of 226) I ended up having to walk and ended up with more, violent, projectile vomiting in front of a family with two kids. I apologized as they walked by, rode past them, dismounted and hurled some more...and apologized again.
I feel fortunate to have made it home dehydrated and feeling half-dead. Cest la vie

The Good is that I have ridden several times since then, with the last two or three rides feeling stronger and the legs recovering better and better. I do still have all that weight to lose, but work is hosting a biggest loser amongst the employees this January. So I will just focus on riding and eating and hold off loosing weight until I can win something! Now if that is not being the biggest loser, I don't know what is.


  1. Yeah! This is the James I remember!
    20 lbs huh? Me too! [sigh]
    Good luck on reeling it back in. I'm shooting for 40 lbs in 30 weeks, starting next week.

  2. Yep, back to the same old me... but I am starting to get my legs back... but since work is hosting a 'Biggest Loser' competition starting January, I decided to hold off on losing any weight, and in fact maybe gain a few more pounds, until I can win something for my efforts. If that doesn't say 'biggest loser' I don't know what does. :p