Friday, February 15, 2013

Niner One 9 and NIner SIR 9 Details

Since I am bored at work, time for a detailed parts list of my bea-u-tiful machines. Keep in mind I ride the SS 98% of the time, but I am threatening to get that down to as low as 75% in the coming year as the SIR 9 is a nice ride that deserves some lovin'.
One Bike to rule them all!

                                 One 9                                      SIR 9
Frame          Scandium , small (raw)                    Steel, small (kermit green)
Fork:            Niner Carbon, Vanna White             Reba RL (white)
Wheelset:     Stans ArchEX (white) with               Stans Arch (white) with
                    Hope Pro II (silver)                          Hope Pro II (silver)
Tires:            Scwhalbe Racing Ralphs                  Michelin Wild Grip'R II TL
                    2.35 front, 2.25 rear                         2.25's

Crank:          Shimano XT 170mm                         Shimano XT 170mm
Chainring:     HBC 32t silver                                  Blackspire 33t w/Silver WCM Bash
Cog:             C.King 20t steel                               Sram 970 9spd

Saddle:         Nashbar R2 Ti (white)                      Nashbar C2 Cromo (white)
Seatpost:      Thomson Masterpiece, silver             Thomson Elite, silver
Stem:            Thomson X4 90mm, silver                Thomson X4 90mm, silver
Handlebar:    Ritchey WCS flat, white                    FSA 150 flat, white
Headset:       CaneCreek S-8 white                        CaneCreek S-3 silver
Brakeset:      Avid Elixir 5 (white) w/windcutters    Avid Juicy Carbon (silver) w/windcutters

Grips:            ESI Chunky, white                            ESI Chunky, white
Chain:           SRAM 850                                       SRAM 971
Pedals:          Shimano XTR SPD                           Forte' Carve SPD

R.Shifter:      none                                                  Shimano XTR
R.Derailleur   none                                                  Shimano XTR

Great bikes. Naturally, I could have gone lighter in many areas, but strength was important (especially for riding rigid), as was looks and cost. The only future 'big' upgrades I could see making are XT brakes for the One9 along with a Ti Eriksen 'sweetpost'.

Edit: Weight Update. I hit a recent milestone. Hopefully with a serious week of juicing and exercise I will see 16? on my scale for the first time in years.

Damnit! Might have been 169.8 without those heavy wool socks.


  1. Plan on putting new XT brakes on BOTH bikes within a month of each other. Trust me.

    What will happen is the XT brakes will slow down the One9 so much faster than you can stop the SIR9. You'll ride the SIR9 and scream out, "Where are the freaking brakes!" Then you'll promptly go out and buy a second set of brakes. Isn't the SIR9 your wife's bike? You should get her some XT brakes for Mother's Day, or Easter, or St Patrick's Day, or belated Valentine's Day.

  2. Sounds like words of wisdom. Funny thing is that Val is not crazy about hydro brakes. Her main ride for years (Cannondale F400) had rim brakes, and she was use to them. She actually does not like how quickly the hydro's stop the bike (uh, kinda the point, I try and tell her). So cool, I will just put XT's on the One 9 (silver, of course) and move the Avid Elixirs to the SIR9 and likely put the 2008 Juicy Carbons in a box to eventually go on my kids first real bike to replace the crappy tektro's that will surely come with it. So that, or what you said.