Sunday, February 17, 2013

California Ridin'

Take at Jenkinson Lake, Sly Park
After what was a disappointing 2012 for mileage, 2013 is looking up. Living in the beautiful Sierra Foothills in Norcal the riding is pristine (road and mtb) and high elevation gains are guaranteed. I may not hit the mileage milestone of 2011 (over 4000 miles, thanks to the fast flowy single track and fireroads in central NC) but I will definitely set new highs in elevation. Of course I am new to GPS technology having owned a smartphone for a whopping 5 months (with the Strava app), but so far this year I have been on 10 rides for ~310 miles and ~42000' of gain. According to my estimations, it would take me at least 4 months to reach that in NC (going with ~700 to 800 ft every 10 miles of riding). I have grown to love climbing (no, seriously). I  considering each hill a challenge to conquer rather than an unfortunate compromise within a ride. I have learned to stand and mash the SS for climbs over a mile in length...not saying I am any faster (maybe slower) but definitely getting stronger. It's a good thing.

Starting to meet some good folks to ride with. Besides the Bike Emporium and Tailgater crew, I have met some fun people on the Hammerin' wheels meetups (both road and mtb) that seem to share the same passion/obsession for bikes and riding that I do.  I knew that was inevitable. You cannot go anywhere in Auburn (or Rocklin, or Roseville...) without seeing riders on bikes or bikes on cars going every direction (or parked at Starbucks). With so many riders, it was just a matter of time before I started meeting people who shared the same love of biking (and post ride beer) as I do.
Even Zoe and Maxine were out on their bikes today. :) Now if I can just get Val (the wife) out on some more rides, well, it just doesn't get any better than that. So in-spite of a new home, no job and an uncertain future, Life is good!

Some pics from a recent ride:

Hammerin' Wheels Fleming Meadows/Sly Park ride.
Bike Emporium Salmon Falls ride (top of Flagstaff climb)


  1. Well done good sir, on both the riding and weight!

    I think your elevation gain may be off for central NC but not by too much (~110/mi is what I see). I've got 22K on 450 miles which includes a fair amount of flat greenway riding in NC and SC. Looks like I'd have to start doing hill repeats up Cedar Ridge to catch up to you. NO THANKS!

  2. Your numbers are surely more accurate as I had no gps in NC (and I am guessing you are better at math than me anyway). My numbers are based on ~1000' every 10 miles for mtb and then over 1k of commute miles at just under 500' over 15 miles (according to ridewithgps). Regardless, it was nice to finally have a ride (road) the other day that was under 2k. :) If it does not rain this weekend, I am planning a monster ride...biggest one yet. :) Stay tuned (well, to Strava anyway).