Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Whole Enchilada--Auburn Style

Was suppose to ride Annadel with the good guys at the Bicycle Emporium, but unfortunately plans fell through.  It was probably for the best as those guys are all faster than me and I was sick (head cold) which means I am slower, with less energy and strength that normal (and normal is not so great). so I was on my own, yet determined to ride, so why not ride 'The Whole Enchilada'! In Auburn, this means riding from the Confluence up to and around FHDL (Foresthill Divide Loop) and back (on several different trail systems).
My route started on Flood Rd. and I rode these trails in this order: Flood--Stagecoach--Clementine--Connector--FHDL--Connector--Fuel Break--Culvert--Confluence--Stagecoach--back to Car.
My goal for this ride was to only pedal enough to not fall over thus saving everything for the ~5000' of climbing (see Strava to the right). Some of the trails were a tad moist and naturally steep, so I ended up off the bike a handful of times (only for a few moments) due to loosing traction, but what-evah! In spite of blowing snot the entire ride I was able to press on and muscle up the Stagecoach climb at the end for a slow, but strong finish.
A good day.

*This 2nd ride with the Niner Rigid Fork was a real test and it performed wonderfully.  In fact, other than being tired, I feel surprisingly good after the ride.  I honestly might have more elevation gain during the last three months in Auburn that the previous seven months in NC.
The lone pic taken near the start of the ride, on the Flood Trail.

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