Saturday, August 25, 2012


Time to strip the decals off the Titanium frame.  Here is what I did.
I read a good forum first on then I got started.
1. I put my bike on the rack outside to be well ventilated.  I put on some rubber gloves, then brushed on the Jasco with a $.79 paint brush.  I was careful to first remove the front tire as to not drip any of this on the tires as it might eat through the rubber.
2. I waited at least 15 minutes though it started bubbling right away..
3. I began scraping off the decals with my plastic scraper (still ended up with a couple minor scratches on the frame)
4. cleaned it up well and saw I was left with some residue and ghosting.
5. Took Goo-Gone to the rest with a clean rag.  It did absolutely nothing.
6. Put on more Jasco to get the rest of the stuff off.  Nothing.
7. Ended up using a 3M grey scrubbing pad with a little of my Pedros cleaner (probably could have used just water).  This did the trick.  I rubbed in the direction of the grain, which in this case was vertical (in relation to the tubes).  Now it looks fantastic.

Explanation not needed, but here is one anyway:
In case you are one of those cynical people who thinks it is silly to remove the decals just because it is a Motobecane, well you are mistaken as that is not the case.  I think 'bikes direct' bikes are fantastic and recommend them to people who are not brand snobs and who are looking for a great deal.  I left the decals on my first Motobecane (Fantom Team), a bike I raced (and won) on.  I simply like the clean look, especially on a raw frame.  I also removed the decals on my raw Misfit Dissent (scroll back a few pages on the blog to see those pics) and I have also removed the decals from my rims (the Vuelta's and both sets of Stans Arches).  I even took the decals off my Reba fork at one point, but the 2011's are so subtle I don't bother.
Minutes after pasting on the Jasco.

Added Jasco to the top, started scraping the bottom.
You can see the residue and 'ghosting' on the bottom decal.

Another shot of the phantom decal (which actually looks kinda cool).

Rubbed the frame with the 3M pad and it cleaned it up with little effort.

Loving the finished product!

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