Thursday, August 23, 2012

On The Road Again

O.k., so I mentioned I found my weekly mtb ride every Wedneday night out of the Bicycle Emporium.  There are a couple good shops here in Auburn, but these guys lead a mtb ride that ends with beer every Wed. so there ya' go.
While in NC, I was on the mtb most of the time, but not here.  There is just too much good road riding with beautiful views, wide lanes and lots of long, steep climbs.  So I needed a new road bike, not only for future commuting, but for riding at least once a week.  So, what did I end up with?  (drum roll please........) A Motobecane Titanium Fantom Cross Team.  I had been ready to pull the trigger on a used one for months, and finally found one.  I have already been on three rides, and I do like the bike a-lot!  The only negative, it is advertised at 17.5 lbs (w/o pedals, cages or reflectors). So I was disappointed when the bike shop just threw it on the scale and said mine was 20.05lbs.  Mine has 700x25 Schwalbe Durano tires instead of the 700x32 Kenda Cross tires and a few parts are different, but not necessarily heavier.  I am thinking maybe the guy was tugging on my bike a bit to get me to buy some lighter-weight parts, but you never know.  Hopefully this knowledge does not mess with my head.  I have felt strong during climbs thinking I was on a lightweight bike.  Now that I know I am on a boat anchor, maybe it will affect me?  Nah, I will know I am getting a better workout and will feel good going by guys on their 16-17 lb carbon bikes.  Yeah, suck on that weight-weenies!!!

Near the top of Indian Hill, one of the more popular climbs around here (cause it is pretty and kinda easy).

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