Sunday, June 17, 2012

Farewell NC

Wow, what a send off...thank you to all who could make it.  For those who could not be there, here is the summary:
Less than two weeks before I hit the long road to California, some of my mountain bike friends throw me a 'Farewell Ride n' Roast' that consisted of riding the short way through Sludge, straight through Umstead Park, then the hush-hush Trenton trail, then Hubcap right back to where we started.  We drank a beer before we started and then another one or two along the way (or three if you were Ben or Chris) and then finished at Rally Point with food (mostly Ribs), more beer and a bit of a roast.  Surprisingly people took it easy on me.  David did not mention how much I talk while I ride, Chris did not bring up when I disregarded my map at PMBAR and just followed people, and no body brought up my former love-affair with 26ers.
Regardless, It was just fantastic to see so many people I have ridden with over the years...some who were there when I started with my first mtb in 2008, to those I have raced with over the years, to those who I have ridden quite frequently with on HTFU rides.  I never imagined when I started riding that I would become part of a mountain bike community, but what can I say, I fell in love with the sport and wanted to be as much a part of it as I could.  And if you are reading this, you already know that (besides the Dalai Lama) mtb'ers are the best people you will meet.  To all my riding friends out there, you will be missed.  Thank you for the encouragement, generosity and support along the way...I can only hope to find a group close to being as good as you in NorCal.  Speaking of NorCal, hopefully some of you will decide you want to ride some new trails in the Auburn/Tahoe area, just look me up and I will hook you up. 
Again, Thank you for all the memories.  Now I had better stop before I shed a tear in my beer.

 Thanks Vanessa and Cody for the pics.

Good -bye my friends, you will be missed.


  1. Looks like you had a great time and a perfectly appropriate send off. Sorry I never got the chance to actually ride with you, although we've been in a few of the same races, on the same trail, at the same time...that's technically gotta count for something right? :-)

    Good luck to you and your family with the move. That's so totally awesome that you are moving near of the most beautiful places in California. Warm enough for riding, but yet close enough to the mountains if you are skier. (ie: a perfect excuse to get yourself a Fat bike for the winter to do those HTFU rides. NO EXCUSES ;-))

    Take Care James.

    Edit: Okay seriously, my word verification was Ommuduch? Really?

  2. It was a great time Laura, and I too am bummed we never officially rode together, but I take solace in knowing we were on the same trails at the same time a handful of times. ;) Andy yes, I am already working the angle to get a fat-bike...because I don't ski (bad knee), a fat bike is just the ticket! Let me know if you ever make your way to NorCal. I will hook you up and give you guided tours of some of the best trails the northers Sierra has to offer. :)