Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ORC HTFU 100...


Alright you crazies out there. It is time to get off the couch, lube the chain, and start pedaling.  Sunday, April 22nd brings the ORC HTFU 100.
The proposed route (subject to minor alteration) is:
286: ~12 miles of sweet single-track to start us off. [12]
Umstead: ~14 mile loop that will including an out and back at Cedar Ridge and Old Reedy Creek Lake.  After the out and back by the lake we will return to the Turkey Creek/Reedy Creek intersection and Exit onto Trenton Rd. and head down to the Hubcap trail. [26]
Hubcap: Jump into Hubcap and ride this down to Harrison Ave.. Cross the overpass (Hwy 40), turn right at Harris Oaks and then right into the Sludge trail. [29]
Sludge: Ride straight through Sludge (in order to keep directions simple).  This means staying right at the first two intersections.  The trail ends at Old Reedy Creek Rd. (ORC) and ride into Crabtree. [33]
Crabtree: Thinking all rights for a 5 mile loop. [38]
Black Creek Greenway to Jimmy Johns! [43]
Note:  I am hoping that while there will be many different abilities on this ride, we will regroup at least up to and through Sludge and then again for Jimmy Johns...then after that, people should be familiar with the route etc. and groups may form organically.  I personally will plan on riding a bit slower if it means company than riding alone, but that is just me.
Black Creek Greenway back [48]
286 again.  Choose the same direction or ccw if you are feeling adventurous.  As groups form they can decide. [60]
*Umstead: Straight through Reedy Creek (no turns) to the greenway [65]
Reedy Creek Greenway: to Ben & Jerry's. [70]
Reedy Creek Greenway: back to Crabtree [80]
Crabtree: all lefts for a 5 mile loop. [85]
Finish with an easy loop of Umstead (Reedy Creek Trail, Left at Graylyn, Right at Turkey Creek, Right on Reedy Creek Trail and follow this back to the finish.  ~13.5 miles for ~99 total miles.
Post event gathering at Rally Point where stories will be told and prizes/awards dished out.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Note: I will update this post with more information and details as they become available.  

More Details/Updates:
  • The course has been altered to remove Delta Ridge and add Hubcap and Sludge.  The new changes  might make the mileage just shy of 100, but if you wish, you are welcome to ride an extra mile at the end. :)
  • Bring a camera (on your phone is fine) to take photo evidence of your arrival at the two mandatory pit-stops, and for other treasured memories.
  • Have an odometer on your bike for mileage verification.
  • Be prepared to have fun, ride, have less fun, ride, have little-to-no-fun, ride ends, have fun again.

For an idea of the Umstead routes and more information, click here for a link to "Map My Ride".  Zoom in on the map to see the mileage though Umstead and the Greenways.

The link above may be more useful than the pic below, but just in case it helps someone here it is:
right-click & open in new tab, then click again to enlarge
LATEST UPDATE (April 18th): Yes, it might be wet.  Yes, it might be raining.  Yes, we will still be riding.  If you are wondering why, then I suggest you look up what HTFU means. ;)  Obviously the course will change to included more Umstead, greenway etc. and less single-track, but that is to be expected.  Still looking forward to Jimmy Johns for lunch and a beer or two afterward. :)

Final Update: Tough Ride...Read about it here!


  1. What??!!! Total mileage = 101? You said it was 100!! Forget it, I'm out. ;-)

    Just kidding. Looking forward to it....I hope. :-)
    Thanks for setting it up.

  2. Ha, actual mileage will be between 98 and for an exact number that will depend on each persons odometer. :)