Sunday, February 19, 2012

WARNING, TMI: My Arse Hurts!

Funny, the picture is spot-on!
Really?  I pride myself on not using Chamois Cream, Bag Balm, Butt Butter Butt get the idea.  Butt (couldn't help it) after the most recent HTFU ride of ~52 miles, I find myself with a sore saddle.  I once gave a hard time to my buddies who use Butt Creams as I was proud that my butt could take an all-day pounding, lube free (insert your own joke you sicko!).  Now I may need to join the crowd of riders that lube up before each ride, or at least I will may need to lube up for the long, hard ones (get your mind out of the gutter).  So, what is next?  Shaving my legs, wearing a kit and riding gears?!?  H-E-double hockey sticks, No!.

FWIW I use the Nashbar R2 Saddle.  While the current saddle on my bike is relatively new (6 weeks), I have used this saddle since I started riding in 2008.  I do have a Terry Fly in the parts bin I could try, but I might just chalk this up to my first long ride of the year.  OR I might over-react and purchase a Specialized Phenom (white, of course) that I have had my eye on for a while.  Stay tuned.


  1. Hey you are riding a single speed. You should be standing 90% of the time anyway. You should not even need your saddle ;-)

    Nice new bike photo by the way.

  2. Ha, you are correct ma'am! My 'saddle soreness' is punishment from the trail gods for sitting to much when I should htfu and stand....but I was so darn tired!