Monday, February 27, 2012

Lets HTFU & do a Metric Century...

O.k., how about we HTFU and ride a full Century!

So it is that time of year to build up miles and saddle time for the upcoming endurance season.  In the distance is PMBAR as well as the Burn24 and at least one Hundie (to be determined).  I will usually have a few Metric Centuries out of Old Reedy Creek Rd (ORC) that involve at least 18-38 miles single-track and 22 to 42 miles of hilly double-track.  Only once have I had the stupidity mental fortitude to ride nothing but Umstead for 62 miles.  That time may come again next week.  Still I am hoping for some single-track to mix it up...or maybe even a greenway ride out to Ben & Jerry's...god I love their ice-cream.

So, before I even post up the Metric Century, Mark (of Farnsworth Engineering) tells me, "How about an HTFU Century ride.  Well, I took that as a challenge, and I am not one to walk (or ride) away from a challenge so it is on!  Somehow, someway, we are going to come up with a 100 mile route around ORC that will see us riding ~35-40 miles single-track, 35-40 miles double track, and ~25 miles greenway.  The Greenway is necessary to get to Jimmy Johns for a mandatory pit-stop and also to, of course, Ben & Jerry's for Dessert. :)  I am now very interested to see how this ride may unfold (or unravel).  Stay tuned!

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