Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 Riding Stats

Good Riddance 2014! 

I began riding in 2008, and 2014 was my worst riding year evah! 2014 saw me ride just over 1,500 miles, almost half coming from commuting on my cross bike. Only two weeks did I rode over 80 miles, one 70+ week and two with 60+ miles. I also had 14 (yes, fourteen) weeks where I rode a big fat ZERO miles. Pathetic! 
To put my futility in perspective, in 2013 there were only 6 weeks where I did not ride, and they are all bunched together due to a knee injury (suffered during a ride)...which actually started my trend of less riding. Still, I had six weeks of over 80 miles (4 over 90 with a long week of 180+ miles). 

Twice in 2014 I found myself in big ruts where life got in the way...I am currently in one of those ruts (gained a bunch of weight) but am vowing to not just ride more in 2015, but double what I rode in 2014. My plan is to commute much more (with more extended commutes home), as the hills around here are no joke. Also, training for the Mendicino 100 and even some multi-day 'bike camping' rides ought to get me back to where I once was. 2015 will be the year I HTFU and get'er done!

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