Saturday, June 1, 2013

Exploring Cool's Olmstead Trail

So the upcoming Coolest 24 is actually going to be held in Cool, CA this year. "Uh, duh" you might say. But for those not in the know, the last few years has seen the race moved to the Soda Springs area. Apparently, it was held in May, and often rain made the event a muddy mess. So it moved to the higher elevation of Soda Springs but in late June so the snow has melted and the rain has stopped. Now they have moved it back to Cool, but left it in June. That means that it will likely be a scorcher. So today's hot weather ride was good practice.
Now having a 24hr event just several miles from my house is pretty cool (no pun intended), but not knowing that trail system at all is not cool, so off I went to explore.
The plan was to ride 4-6 loops of the trail. The race course map just came out (see below). In the past a lap was 9.8 miles. Now a lap is 11.2 miles; however, more single track was added and a double-track hike-a-bike hill was removed. Sound's like a good switch to me. I rode ~4 laps with some out-n-backs and some mini-loops but in the end I am sure that I piecemealed most of the course together. It was a hot one today, so when I crashed pretty hard during the 2nd lap (foot caught a rock and brought me straight down), I almost bailed, but then remembered this was a HTFU ride, so I went out for another two loops. When I saw it was 91 degrees, I decided to bag it at 4 laps. Good thing too as I started to feel the onset of cramps on that last lap (though I did push it hard knowing it was the last one). Still, good times. Now I just hope my mind and body cooperate for the 24. They are sooo much harder than one might think.

So here is the actual race loop, 11.2 miles and ~1175' vert. gain....

and here is my attempt at finding the race route over 4 loops; 45 miles and ~4200' vert. gain. I think the last lap got close.

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