Monday, May 20, 2013

24 Hour Training, Back On Track

 Ah, That's More Like It.

So last week my long ride had me visiting Bonkcity and Cramptown. My confidence was shaken, and I did not feel all that well during a short mid-week ride (at easy Granite Bay). So before this ride, I did everything I could to be better prepared. I ate a larger breakfast consisting of a greek yogurt, a hardboiled egg and two leftover pizza slices (and packed one slice for later). I also brough an extra 23 ounce bottle of Infinite and an extra ~15 ounces in the camel-back.

Ended up riding farther, faster and with more vertical gain than last weeks wall-slammer, and I felt great afterwards. I think the temps being ~15 degrees cooler also helped.  ;)
Glad to get that behind me as there are now only 4 weeks remaining until the Coolest 24, and two weekends of big rides before I start tapering off a bit.

Also been better at adding either Pilates' or Tae Bo (don't laugh, it works) to any day I am not on the bike or trainer. Hoping to get my core solid (solid, beneath the ever present layer of fat, that is) and be as ready as possible for my first solo 24 in a couple years, and its only several miles from my door. Nice!

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