Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh Yes He Did!

The Time Has Come

Going from my normal ride (rigid Niner One 9) to 'The Wife's' SIR9 made me realize that what her bike really needs is less: less suspension, less gears, less weight. A new fork addresses two of the three. At 2.4lbs this fork has more than a pound on the Niner carbon fork, but is still ~1.5lbs less than the Reba RL. And let's be honest; a sleek steel frame looks plain hot with a matching steel fork. Lookin' forward to getting it on and seeing how the steel  compares to the Carbon on the One9. Down the road I will strip off that ridiculous XTR derrailuer and any parts associated with it. When it comes to a SS, less is certainly more...more better.

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