Monday, March 18, 2013

Preping For PMBAR

The case, circa 2004-2009?

            The Performance Cargo Case

Very soon the time will come for me to put my favorite toy into a small, dark place and hope that nothing bad happens to it. Naturally, I am talking about stripping my bike down and squeezing it into a bike box of course, and then shipping it across the country to NC. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on an old Performance Cargo Case. While the case is in good condition, it was meant for a 26er or a road bike...NOT a 29er. So, last night I did a dry run (not to be confused with a lubed run).

Wheels deflated. Should I be worried?

Since I already needed to replace the fork on the back up bike (a.k.a. the wife's bike), I chose to try and fit it into the case. This would be a good test because this bike is slightly larger being that it has a suspension fork, a shifter on the bar, a derailleur and a cassette. I quickly found that I had to deflate ALL the air from the tires to make the wheel set fit (hmm, some concern). Then in following the including packing directions, I should need to only loosen the fork and rotate it so. Not happening. With the 29" fork on the bike, it would not fit. Fortunately, removing the fork completely did work. *Note to self to carefully wrap and secure my carbon fork for the trip.
The Green Machine packed away.

In the end I was able to squeeze the entire bike in and close the case without applying excessive pressure. Much relief...though I was prepared to remove the cranks and anything else (even ship the wheel set separately) if that is what it took. As it now looks. I will pack the bike, pay the $50 fee (a Southwest Charge) and my bike will fly with me to NC. If everything arrives as it should; unbent, unbroken and in-true, then it sure will be nice to be ridin' and hike-a-bikin' with familiar faces in remote areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains once again. Thus far Jay and I are 3 for 3 in not getting (too) lost and being forced to squeal like a pig. Hoping this trip makes it 4 for 4.

Next time it will be the Single Silver Bullet's turn.

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