Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lesson(s) Learned

 Joined a group of riders for what was to be a monster ride last weekend.  A guy (Paul) was having his 50th birthday, so he wanted to ride 50k (not here to argue, why not 50 miles? Sure, it can be done, but with the beer this guy was putting down pre, during an post ride, and with the climbs around here, 50k was going to be a feat).  At least a dozen riders set out for this monster ride that was going to consist of up Stagecoach, through Auburn, back down to the confluence via Manzanita, up Clementine, Connector, FHDL, Connector, Culvert, Confluence and then beer.  I was pumped.  I knew there would be riders I could hang with, so I was looking forward to this one.  Then it happened.  ~10 miles into the ride I flatted.  Tore a sidewall on my Maxxis Ikon.  I had been meaning to replace this tire for the last month...waited too long.  No problem, I will throw in my spare.  Oops, no boot and nothing to use as a boot.  Plus my spare (that slightly bulged out of the tear)...the same spare that I always cinch tight to my seatpost with an awesome strap, well it had a slow leak. Doh!  Attaching the tube to the seat may be a good idea for races, but when on training rides, put it in the pocket or pack. So I was done...well, I was done after a long walk back to the car. Lesson(s) learned.

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