Sunday, August 21, 2011

HTFU! Last SM100 Training Ride

So lately I have been calling my weekly endurance ride the HTFU Ride.  If you don't know what it means, well, it means Harden The "Freak" Up!  Sure, not everyone uses the word "Freak", but hey, my mom might read this.
26", 29" and 36" oh-my!
Today was the last of the Shenandoah Mountain 100 (SM100) prep rides.  We had the biggest turnout (12 riders) and I rode the most mile (71) ever for a training ride.  Sure it was hot (mid 90's) but hey, if you can't handle it, then you, sir or ma'am, need to HTFU!

The route consisted of 11 miles of some of the Piedmont's best single-track, followed by 20 miles of quadruple track (Umstead fire roads (~1000ft+ climbing every ten miles)).  This was done twice, with some hilly green-way miles thrown in the mix (in full sun) to get over 70 miles).

Highlight from today's ride:

  • Mass confusion during the first Umstead lap.  I guess I should have told everyone we were crossing the river for an out-and-back on Cedar Ridge.  As the kids say, "My Bad"
  •  A lot of Umstead eye-candy.
  • A Black Sheep 36er that rolled through the first half of the ride.  Pretty impressive considering it was his first "real" ride on that beast.
  • Me realizing that I had a plenty of small slimy chunks of mold floating around in my half-empty water bottle.
  • 12 people started the ride.  Four names beginning with the letter "M" and four with the letter "J" (honorable mention to the letter "B" with two names)
An example of the joggers throughout Umstead.

  • Eight, yes eight single-speeders. 
  • Did I mention all the Umstead eye-candy.
  • Three riders (all on single speeds) finished the odometer showed 71 miles. 

  • In spite of the heat 90+, there was very little complaining.
    Good Times.

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