Sunday, July 10, 2011

Auburn Ride #2 & 3

Ride #2, Salmon Falls
For my second Auburn, CA ride, I met my old friends/former riding partners Paul S. and Cameron B. for the 'newer' Salmon Falls trail (for the record, they are in their 30's).  This trail starts with a series of steep switchbacks that take you up, up, up to a long up and down section of double track that again turns into sweet single-track. We followed this fairly fast, flowy trail (with Paul setting a blistering pace) through the fields and through the woods, out past an old cabin (not grandma's house) and eventually hit a gut-busting climb to the top of the ridge where you have unobstructed views on both sided of the trail (pics coming end of July).  Then we eventually bombed downhill and connected back to the original trail and rode it back to the start where Paul took off and Cameron and I jumped into the lake for some much cool water refreshment.
We rode just shy of 20 miles and were beat.  The trails really are fantastic, and there is no escaping tough climbs out here.  Good Times!

Cameron attacking a climb.

Cameron and I at the top of the switchbacks.  You can see the bridge (where we are parked) in the distance.

Paul, Cameron and I at some old barn off the trail.

Paul and our bikes on the ridge.

Cameron and Paul heading down the switchbacks to the trail-head.

Ride #3 Stagecoach- Clementine- Connector- Forest Hill Divide- Connector- Fuel Break- Forest Hill Bridge...back to start.
The next day I decided to ride again, but this time I wanted to do everything from Ride #1, but add the  Forest Hill Divide Loop connector and Trail (an extra ~18 miles).  I was fortunate to meet some guys about 7 miles in who showed me the trails and kept me from getting lost.  A good thing to as I just about ran out of water on the return so they told me of of a shortcut back that I never would have known existed (across the Forest Hill Bridge).  On the final climb before descending down to the bridge, I had two vultures circling me the entire climb.  It is as if they knew I was out of water and thus they just might end up with an all-you-can-eat meal.  Luckily I did not end up as trail-kill and made it back home.  The ride ended up being just over 30 miles and my legs were beat from the climbing.  Taking a day off tomorrow to sit in front of the T.V. and watch the Tour De France. :)
This gives an idea of the ride...though mine started with a ~3.5 mile descent to where the chart starts and ended a bit differently with a smaller descent and then an uphill after the bridge into Auburn...still, good elevation out here and definitely good times!

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