Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Riding Again After the Burn, And Other Thoughts.

My first ride after the Burn24 was four days later at Harris Lake.  Sure was nice to ride trails that were not going to kick my butt.  Still, like a totaly newb I show up without gloves...legs were still tired, but after 4 or 5 miles it was my hands that had had enough.  I rode one lap of the Burn without gloves and it sucked.  I was quickly reminded of the soft spots still on my hands, so after one loop (9 miles), I had enough and wrapped my sore mitts around a cold beer (thanks Andy).
The next ride came a few days later at Creedmore.  Jeff (who took first at the Burn and 3rd at Warrior Creek (to name a couple of his many accomplishments)) was there to push the pace along with Jim, Jay L (my PMBAR partner) and Bobby.  Jeff and Bobby led this ride and set a pretty tough pace of ~9mph for the first several miles.  We ended up with 24 miles, but the first 7 or 8, while not quite XC pace, were certainly faster than 6hr pace.  Now all these riders are interesting characters, but Bobby deserves special mention for three reasons: One, he is a bit like me, and two he brought Power Aid and Klondike bars to share with everyone...in honor of our Burn24 success he said.  
The Klondike Bars were soft but delicious.  Thanks Bobby!
So, how is Bobby like me?  Not by looks...there he is the opposite of me (short, bald and handsome), but I remember he started getting serious about riding shortly after I did.  I had some initial success winning* the TORC XC Series (*35+ division), then taking 2nd in the Endurance Series (Single Speed Class).  While I was content to bask in my weekend warrior success, Bobby continued to ride more and more, getting better and better.  Then wouldn't you know it, he kicked my butt in the 6BC six-hour race at Briar Chapel late last year.  Shortly after, he suffered a nasty injury but has come back strong...it just serves as a positive reminder that I ride with guys all the time that don't always race, but that kick (my) butt if/when they do.  Really, the only props I deserve is that I show up, and hopefully I ride hard when I do.  I know as well as anyone that I only make a podium if certain people don't show up.  And you know what?  (short pause for you to say, "What?")  I am o.k. with that.

Oh, that 3rd reason Bobby deserves special mention...he said he reads the blog, so this is to find out if he is telling the truth or not. :)

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